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Manual Via Placement?

Question asked by daniel.labarowski on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by daniel.labarowski

My company uses PADS Layout to prep all of our PCBs to send to a board house. Generally, these are full PCB designs with accompanying schematics, decals for every part, etc. My group uses a software called AWR (now NI) Microwave Office for RF designs. We can generate DXF files from AWR that can be imported in PADS with a bit of effort. That part goes smoothly enough, but the vias just come in as copper circles. I's there a way to manually place vias in PADS Layout so that I can go back over the missing vias using the copper circles as a placeholder? I realize this violates the typical flow from schematic -> layout. In this case, the boards are very simple engineering test beds, I just need to run them through CAM. I'm a newbie to PADS layout, and I can't find an option to manually place a via arbitrarily in the menus  or help documents. Does anyone know how I might go about this? Thanks ahead of time!