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DxD Partlister lists block symbols. How to avoid?

Question asked by kimmo.lindholm on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by 8lw4

My partlister works ok'ish, but it also shows my block symbols.


If i have a hierarchical blocks in my design, partlister gives first row with all other fields empty, but Quantity is 1

If i add column with System->Id (instance name) Quantity changes to 11, and the listed Ids match to Ids' of my block symbols. (I assume the Id makes them differentiate, as also my CPU part with 3 symbols is now listed three times)


How do i get rid of this completely (the empty line with Quantity 1)?

My partlist columned properties doesn't contain any properties that are on block symbols.

If i set Part List Exclude=True on block symbols, it works, but with side-effect that all the parts in the block are gone too.