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Creating a new layer and adding DRC rules to it

Question asked by samer1 on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by samer1

I am working of IBM PDK 65nm cmos 10LPe. I want to integrate a memristor device in the process. I was able to add the layer in Virtuoso Cadence and now it appears in my LSW in the layout editor of Vitruoso.


I am using Calibre for DRC. I learnt there is a way to add custom rules in calibre interactive. So, I created a .svrf file an wrote my layer rules (actually i copied the file of JX layer (n diffusion) and modified it accordingly to represent to new layer 'memristor').


I go to calibre interactive -> setup ->calibre options -> include ->memristor_DRC.svrf , and then run DRC. It shows an error saying that the 'memristor' (which is the name of the newlayer) is undefined. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

How do I define the newlayer in calibre. It is defined in virtuoso but seems like calibre does not see it.