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description of multiple pin-functions by pin-property

Question asked by bollenberg on Apr 11, 2017
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I have a question concerning predefined values of pin-properties within the symbol editor.

We have the problem to create a clear symbol in case of a complex controller with a lot of multifunction pins.

One way is to define a symbol in which every pin gets the complete description of functions in one string. But in this case, the schematic will be very illegible.

The idea is to define for each pin-function a separate pin-property (e.g. Pin_Label1, Pin-Label2...). By this way, the schematic developer can decide the visibility of the different "Pin-Label"-property depending on the function used in the design:

function 1 of pin "L8":

function 3 of pin "L8":


So far, so good, but if I place the symbol in the schematic, the predefined pin-properties are not present direcly (greyed out + kursive).

It is not possible to switch them visible by one click on the checkbox. I have to edit the pin-property and after that it can become visible by clicking the checkbox:

What could be the reason that the predefined pin-property value (in symbol editor) is not uploaded (=greyed out + kursiv) when I place the symbol in the schematic?


The settings of property definition editor is as follows: