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    Add a pdb (partition) file to a DxDesigner project




      We are trying to add a pdb file to an existing DxDesigner project.

      The project is already connected to a central library.

      We have a stand alone pdb file that contains special parts which we want to use in THIS PROJECT ONLY.

      How can we do it?


      We  saw a list of partitions which is called "PDB search paths" on Setup > Settings > Project > Boards > BoardName.

      Maybe we can add a new pdb to this list, for this project only?

      Is that the right way to solve our problem?




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          You can only do this by adding the pdb to the central library and controlling the serach path from there.

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            Hey Robert

            First of all thanks for your help

            I noticed that by automation i can append partition to the list of the pdbs, but i want to do it manually.

            I understand that dx have some sort of configuration file that configure the path to the pdb files.


            In my library folder (where the lmc file is located) there is the PartsDBLibs folder that contains all the public partitions (partitions that by default is redirected inside of every project).

            The library folder also contains another folder, named TemporaryPDBs, that contains partitions that were build for some specific projects.

            My organization is trying to move from desgin capture to dx designer.

            In desing capture i could add inside the prj file a path to a specific pdb from the TemporaryPDBs folder in addition to the PartsDBLibs pdbs.


            I am serching for this abillity in dx designer so we colud move to the dx and this is the only thing that block us from doing it.

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              If you create a custom search scheme in your library and reference this in the project then it becomes editable and you can add partitions or change the order of partitions. Doing so will add the requisite entries to the project file and you can modify this as you see fit. However, doing what you require has not been tested and so this would be considered an unsupported use case in the Dx flow if you ran into any problems.