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PutMountingHole Method problem

Question asked by lab409 on May 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2017 by lab409

I tried add mounting hole in Cell Editor Document. For this I used following code:


padstackNames = cellEditorDoc.PadstackNames(epcbPadstackObjectMountingHole,,partObj.MountHolesPadstack & "*")
MountHolePadstackName = padstackNames(0)    
Set MountHolePadstack = cellEditorDoc.PutPadstack(1, 1, MountHolePadstackName)
Echo "# DEBUG:  " & " Hole padstack is " & MountHolePadstack.Name
'Placing Holes
Dim hole
Call cellEditorDoc.PutMountingHole(0, 0, MountHolePadstack)
Echo "# DEBUG:  " & CStr(i) & " Hole placed"     


If I try run my script I get following error:

# DEBUG:   Hole padstack is MHNP2,40RSM0,15

Source:'Error of  Microsoft VBScript'

Line:767  Char:12

Error:0x800a000d  'Type error: 'cellEditorDoc.PutMountingHole''


But MountHolePadstack is the Padstack Object.


Can anybody say me where is the error in my code?