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    Early versions of PADs


      I have many legacy designs from versions up to 2007.2. It would be be useful if a couple of these could be loaded into Maker.

      Is there a conversion program to do this please?

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          You can only migrate PADS Maker designs "up" to PADS Standard/Standard Plus at this time.





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            This software is so bad.. I can't believe I payed $499 for this.

            I was told I can't get my money back $499+Tax!

            And Digi-key is getting a black eye here.


            Mentor Graphics should take their name of this software but wait, is no longer Mentor is SIEMENS.

            One of the biggest Company in the world is putting their name on this software.

            I can't believe it.


            In the original PADS you can save the file in ASCII format and then import it in any PADS version you wanted.

            But now Mentor chopped the software so much you can't do anything with it.


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              On June 21st, I made some not-so-glowing remarks regarding my experience with PADS MakerPro_2 after my tool purchase from Digi-Key.

              Digi-Key info-page did not provide a detailed enough description about the product and also didn't highlight the none refundable policy.

              When Digi-Key wouldn’t process my return, I was real upset, so in the heat of moment, I wrote my post. To be honest, I am doing some advanced stuff beyond the capabilities of PADS MakerPro_2. I should have done a better evaluation of the tool before I purchased it but based on prior experience with PADS I tough it was not necessary.

              I expected something similar with the product I used before. Mentor did reach out to me almost immediately upon seeing my post. They were awesome. They took the time to understand my needs and guide me to the right product for my business (I’m a consultant). They promised they contact Digi-Key to help with the return, but regardless of how that ends up, they said they would make me whole when I purchase PADS Standard.

              Knowing now that I’m a consultant, Mentor promised they will connect me with some of their partners that are helping link me to new business.

              Thank you, Mentor!


              Best Regards,