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    Problems with Adding a New Library


      My problem seems to be concerning the library part of both Layout and Logic. A coworker sent me a library containing parts he had made pertinent to a project I'm currently working on. I was originally able to add the library and access these parts, but two days after first using the parts in the library, it now looks as though there are no parts in this particular library anymore. In addition, every time I try to remove the library and re-add it, I get a notification that "this library already exists, so you want to replace it" even though I am sure I'm removing the correct library. I even re-downloaded PADS and was still unable to access this library and still received the same error.  I am stuck on how to regain access to this library, can you please help me?

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          Stephen - thanks for your question. However, based on its reference to PADS it seems this is likely more appropriate for the PADS Layout community, and not this IC Design community. I will move it over to PADS Layout. If I am mistaken, please let me know.

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            Thank you, that would be fantastic

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              Never created a library for a project, so not sure what's controlling it.

              Try to add Part/Decal to that library and see if you can see it.

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                When adding a library you need to be careful about whether you select the "Create New Lib" button or the "Manage Lib List" button. The proper method to add or remove an existing library from your set of searched libraries is by selecting the "Manage Lib List" button. In the dialog that appears you can select "Add" to add in an existing library or highlight a library from the list and choose "Remove" to remove it from your set of searched libraries. If you select the "Create New Lib" button on the main Libary Manager dialog, and select an existing library name or manually type in a library name that already exists in your set of searched libraries, a message will appear stating "<library name> already exists. Do you want to replace it?". If you click Yes to this prompt you will delete all the contents of the library containing that name and revert back to an empty library. I suspect this may be what you did at some point if the contents of the library are gone. Additionally, if you select the "Manage Lib List", click "Add" and choose a library that already exists it will simply inform you that "library <library name> already exists in the Library List", clicking the OK button does not modify the contents of that library item.





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                  Thank you so much, that worked perfectly.