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    Converting Protel PCB file to Pads 9.5


      I received a PCB file that we need to make changes to.  It was done in some version of Protel.  I am trying to convert it to Pads 9.5 and the translator says it is an "unknown file format".  Any ideas how to translate this file.  I will attach it.  Thank you.

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          If you open the .pcb file in a text editor, the header reads:  PCB FILE 9 VERSION 2.70


          Below is a list of formats the translator in the current version (VX.2.1) of PADS Layout can import.  The version in the .pcb file you posted was 2.7 which indicates that the file predates Protel 99SE.  Since files need to be in 99SE format, I don't believe that PADS will be able to read in the file.  I did try a couple different things to see if I could get it to work, but did not have any success. 


          If there happens to be a newer version of the file somewhere, PADS may be able to read that in.