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Error "Cannot access partition list"

Question asked by lab409 on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by lab409

I wrote some code with folliwing lines:


  Echo "# INFO : " & "Script is started"



   Dim cellEdObj

   Set cellEdObj = CreateObject("CellEditorAddin.CellEditorDlg")


   Dim cellDB

   Set cellDB = cellEdObj.OpenDatabase(LIBRARY_PATH)


   ' Set Cell Editor visible

   cellEdObj.Visible = True


   ' Select the partition

   Dim cellPartition, cellPartitions, desiredCellPartition

   Set cellPartitions = cellDB.Partitions


   For Each cellPartition In cellPartitions

        If cellPartition.Name = CELL_PARTITION Then

             Set desiredCellPartition = partition

             Exit For

        End If





On cellPartitions = cellDB.Partitions I hit error:

"Cannot access partition list"