Automation Template for VX.2.x is available

Discussion created by Patrick.Cashman on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by peter_festesen

I've updated my Automation Template for use with VX.2.x.  I'm currently on VX.2.1 Update 6.  You can download the file from here.


All the startups are working ok.  I've verified that DxDesigner, Variant Manager, Xpedition, Fablink, and Drawing Editor hooks are making connection. I also cleaned up some stuff that was not really needed in the template, removed some unused references, and some variables that had been in the last one, left over from whatever project I made the template from.


There are some issues with .2.1 dlls I'm struggling with.  PCBEngines and MaskeEngineAutomationController are missing from the COM object list, and the ones from VX.1.2 are not compatible.  I'll keep working on trying to find and register the .2.1 dlls that come with the .2.1 release.  I'll make a separate thread to  post up information about these issues. Other automation features are probably working fine. Here is the other thread.