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How do I create a new design from an existing design in Pads Professional

Question asked by on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by tjohnston

I have a new design that is 80% the same as an existing design. I want to copy that schematic and layout, and give the new DX project a new name (we use PCBA part number) and also give the pads professional layout a new name (The bare PCB part number). I have been able to do this by copying the complete folder and changing the names in the prj and pcb files using a text editor. I also want to change the name of the root page of the schematic to the the part number of the schematic document. The confuses the the software. It identifies a mismatch of the names and will not load the layout file.


There must be a way to do all this without editing files by hand, but I have not been able to find instruction for it. Does anyone know a better way to do all three of the changes I listed? Is there a utility?


Thanks, Russ