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xDX Databook does not display the cell in Xpedition Cell Preview

Question asked by andreh on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by andreh

In PADS I have an ODBC connection to my database and have synchronised the fields for symbol and cell name for each part to these same parts in the central library.

This means that the content for symbol and cell name in my database match with the exact symbol and cell names for these same parts in  the central library

When running DxDatabook in PADS DxDesigner I can see the symbol graphic and also the footprint  (called Cell Name) in the decal viewer. This happens for all my database parts because they are defined the same in the PADS central library.


I have now migrated a PADS VX.2.1 project to xPedition VX.2.1 and also migrated the PADS central library to Xpedition central library. i have also re-created the .dbc file for xDxDatabook ensuring that the footprint field in my database has property name of Cell Name. (the same as in my PADS .dbc)

Now when I access the same ODBC database from xDxDatabook I do not see the footprint in the Xpedition Cell Preview


I have verified that I can view the cells when using the Cell Editor from Library Tools from XPCB Layout so I believe that the cells migrated correctly


Any ideas why I do not see these cells from DxDatabook in Xpedition?