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How do I create Object Lists?

Question asked by cathy_terwedow on Aug 4, 2017

The steps are:

  1. Expand the Analysis Setup under the Project Explorer:
  2. Expand the + button by Users Object Lists.
  3. Click the right-mouse button on Users Object Lists and select New List.
    For this example, I named the new Object List ‘PCIe_Example’. An Object List is a collection of PCB elements, such as signal nets, on which a DRC can be run. In this example, the high-speed nets will be the PCIe nets in the design.
  4. Select the new Object List and edit the name and description (if desired) in the Properties Window.
  5. Select the Object Type from the drop-down menu. For this example, I will choose PCIe differential pairs.
  6. Change Contents to Auto to automatically add nets to the Object List:
  7. Use the GUI to specify the condition that must be satisfied for a PCB element to be added to the Object List. In this example, I chose to find them via the naming scheme of this PCB database. Select ‘New Condition’ >> Click on ‘choose property’ >> Select ‘Name’.
    Another ‘choose condition’ will appear once Name has been selected. Select it and choose ‘Starts With’.
    Type in the name of the nets in your design. In this case, they are named “pcie”. This auto-populates all nets with “pcie” in their name and adds them to this Object List. Notice that in the spreadsheet you now have available PCIe differential pairs!

For more information about Object Lists, watch our videos: Understanding Rules and Object Lists and Getting Started: Organizing and Using Rules. (Note to Focus Group reviewers. The second link currently points to an auth page on, not to a live 'www' page.)