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Mentor can't connect on port

Question asked by z3bra on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by tjohnston

Hello, we recently had some storage go down that had our Mentor database on it. The shares are back up, but Mentor will not connect:


[2017.08.15 14:13:30] [0001m.51s.003ms] [0] ServerProperties: Host [MENTOR1]  IP []  Port [10003]  GUID [......]

[2017.08.15 14:13:30] [0001m.51s.003ms] [1] Network: DNS query IP []

[2017.08.15 14:13:31] [0001m.52s.017ms] [1] Network: WARNING: Connection FAILED to IP [] Port [10003]

[2017.08.15 14:13:31] [0001m.52s.017ms] [1] Network: ERROR: Could not connect to IP [] Port [10003]


It eventually fails to the client connecting to the database directly. I'm new to Mentor and trying to figure out what the issue is. The firewall is not blocking the ports. Any ideas?