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How do I share the results from the design analysis with a colleague?

Question asked by cathy_terwedow on Aug 30, 2017

In the main Spreadsheet window, you can export the violations you find with the ShareList Viewer. Select the ShareList drop-down and hit <Create New…>.



The file will be labeled ShareList_1 by default but you can rename the file to anything you like. After creating a ShareList, the button immediately to the right of the drop-down menu will activate. This is the ‘Add to ShareList’ button and you can select as many or as few violations in the spreadsheet to Add to your ShareList. In the picture below I selected the first six violations and clicked on the ‘Add to ShareList’ button to add them to my ShareList_1 file.




Now the next button to the right of ‘Add to ShareList’ activates. This button is the ‘Export share list’ button.




Once you click ‘Export share list,’ a ShareList folder will be created where the project is saved on your machine.