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    Equivalent of TetraMax hold_time fault model?



      I've been asked by a customer to generate hold_time patterns for a design (they are used to TetraMax) but I have questions. Firstly, does anyone know what the value of this fault model is above regular transition faults? Secondly, is there any equivalent in Tessent (I couldn't find one)?


      They're also asking for path delay patterns but so far I've failed to generate any patterns on the top 200 critical paths - none of the paths could be sensitised by Tessent! ! !


      Any help or guidance warmly accepted :-)





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          Hi Graeme,


          If you generate regular stuck-at patterns you will detect hold_time type violations.  This is because stuck-at will likely launch a transition and if there is a hold time violation the capturing flop will capture the new data and fail.


          Regarding path delay there are things you can do like increasing the abort limit that may help.  Also, please refer to technote MG520378 in https://support.mentor.com


          Please feel free to open a service request if you need more help.




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            Hi Ana,

            I think the critical thing is in your wording "stuck-at will likely launch". Synopsys seem to have a fault model that specifically targets short paths and generates patterns to create hold violations. Our AE in the US suggested possibly a user-defined fault model......I'm not that convinced of the value of this anyway but we are often asked to do things we don't agree with :-)


            Personally, I think the timing-aware ATPG is of more use, so that's what I'm currently working on.


            Thanks for the help