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Updating Cell and Padstacks in VX 2.1

Question asked by expertengr on Sep 4, 2017

Hi, I have upgraded VX1.1 to VX 2.1. I have updated cells and padstacks in VX1.1 Xpedition a lot but I am not sure why it does not work in VX 2.1. I created some new parts in central library using xDM Librarian 3.0 in VX2.1. I added them in xDx Designer and then annotated to xPCB. After doing some placement and routing I realize that I need to change the padstacks of some chips. I simply did this change in xDM Librarian 3.0 but in xPCB when I update (ECO => Update Cells and Padstacks) I do not see any change of Padstacks. I also update the library in xDx Designer and then run forward annotation to xPCB but still it does not update the padstacks even after the (ECO => Update Cells and Padstacks). I also tried this in another way. I made a new project and add the part from central library in xDx Designer and then annotated to xPCB but it has the previous padstacks and when I open xDM Librarian 3.0 I see the new padstacks. The question is where does the new padstacks actually goes. Any idea ?