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    is it possible to create center library in expedition ??


      Hi everyone,


      i am new bie for Mentor graphics expedition. currently i am learning expedition.i am stock on from beginning itself.i have some document but it is not sufficient for learning expedition.so please helpful for this post .is it possible to create new center library for my own standard.please post any link to learn easily for expedition.


      i could not setup the ODCB driver .let me know how to do the setup for this


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          The ODBC Driver is only needed if you working with a Central Library and DxDatabook, which has a parametric database as an add on to your normal Central Library. If you're using DxDatabook, I need to know that kind of database you are using (Access,SQL,...).

          For MS Access there is a limitation depending of the Microsoft Office you have installed. If you have a 32Bit MS Office installed, there is only a 32Bit ODBC Driver available and this will force you to use a 32Bit DxDesigner install. To use 64 Bit DxDesigner and DxDatabook you need a 64 Bit MS Office.

          Also, to access the ODBC Data Source in the picture below you really need to know what kind of Windows you use. If you have 64 Bit Windows the 32Bit ODBC driver are in C:/Windows/Syswow64 ( 64 Bit is in System32 !) , for a 32 Bit Windows they are in C:/Windows/System32.

          So, if you have a 32 Bit MS Office and a 64 Bit Windows you need to configure the ODBC driver in C:/Windows/Syswow64/odbc32.exe .If you try to access this GUI via the control panel you will end up in the C:/Windows/system32 folder with the 64Bit drivers, but as you have a 32 MS Office there are no drivers for e.g. MS Access.


          Hope this can help you to configure your DxDatabook database.




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            Hi Torsten,


            Thanks for your reply.do you have any quick learning document for expedition.i configure the database but i have few more question about this .

            with out database is not possible to complete the project ??

            How to custom border in Dxdesigner ??

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              For the concept of Databook and how to configure this with a central library read the Xpedition® Designer and Xpedition® System Designer Administrator’s Guide delivered with the software - Databook Tool Concepts chapter


              For Library Manager read the Xpedition® Library Manager User’s Guide


              To create your own library you can either create a new library from Library Manager - but this requires a full Library Manager licence otherwise the option is not available. If you have the full licence then you will have Library Manager in the Start Menu.

              If you don't have a full licence then copy the existing SampleLib2007 folder and contents from your Mentor_install_path\SDD_HOME\standard\examples to your preferred location then rename the folder to your preferred name and also rename the following two files in the folder:

              SampleLib.cfg & SampleLib.lmc to match the new folder name. Now connect your project to this new library and use Library Manager to set it up as you like.