Enhancing our products - What are your Ideas?

Discussion created by joe_krolla on Mar 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by matija.golar

Many of you have great ideas how to make our products stronger, easier to use, helping you to increase productivity, mainly by adding new features or make the current functionality even better.

Are you aware of the Mentor Ideas pages that exist for Expedition and PADS? If not, then please follow the link below to get started.


The Mentor Ideas page is a voting platform. You can post ideas, review others and vote for them. Obviously it is the goal to unite as many fellow users behind an idea as possible. An idea with many votes clearly represents a proposal for an enhancement for many users, making sure its not an individual opinion.


What is the best way of contributing ideas, making them meaningful, raising the importance for our planning process?

- Discuss your idea here in the community with many others

- Submit the idea on the Mentor Ideas pages for voting

- Ask all your supporters to vote for your idea on the voting page


There are ..

- almost 250 ideas posted already on the Expedition Ideas page, supported by more than 2000 votes from over 500 users

- over 500 ideas with more than 9000 votes on the PADS Ideas page


We will share some of the top Expedition ideas here for discussion.

Feel free to review these ideas, discuss here, augment them with additional ideas, share other solutions and methods and ultimately vote for them - or against them - on the Mentor Ideas pages.