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    Symbol with Solid Fill Style


      Hello, would like to make a symbol that uses a Fill Style of Solid and be able to read the pin names. If I try that in EE7.9.5 Dx Designer the pin names are covered by the Solid Fill color. Here is an example of what I want:




      Here, is my Symbol View:



      Here is my DxView after I save the symbol:



      Notice the "Pin" is in the covered up.



      Any ideas how I can get this to work, or maybe this is easily done in Vx and I will make the upgrade.




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          You can do this in the version you are using but you need to create a separate filled object and you have to do this in the right order, otherwise the solid object will lie over the text. It is much easier in VX to push objects to the front and back and with the current VX.2.1 release you don't need the extra object, you can simply fill the otline and bring the pin text forward - in VX.2.2 we have added separate fill and line colours.