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Error creating first part

Question asked by diegomentor on Sep 14, 2017

I'm trying to create my first part - a connector. I've created the symbol, decal, and part. I added it to my schematic and ran "Package" without any errors.


When I go to Layout and Forward Annotations, I get the following error:

     Checking for value differences between non-null symbol properties and PartsDB properties,

      but only for those properties checked off in the Property Definition Editor



    ERROR: Block Schematic1, Page 1, Symbol $1I391:<!#!><objindex>576460782368194603</objindex>

      Cell Name 'V1PROGHEADER' is not a valid cell for Part Number 'V1PROGHEADER'.

Note that it is necessary to use one of the 'Update' or 'Rebuild'

PDB Extraction options in order to synchronize your local parts

database with the most recent Central Library data.

I have gone back to package and selected both Update and Rebuild. Neither option helped. Help?