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    Measure delay between two signals.


      How do I calculate delay between two signals?

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          You can calculate the delay time between two signals using the SPICE command .measure (Trigger/Target Measurements) or using the Waveform Calculator.


          For example, in S-Edit>Setup>SPICE Simulation>Additional SPICE Commands, you can add the .measure command based on the signal with which you want to calculate Delay:

          .measure tran MY_DELAYTIME trig V(1) val=1.5 fall=1 targ v(2) val=2.5 rise=1

          This measures the time delay from the first falling edge of signal V(1) to the first rising edge of signal V(2). The measurement begins when V(1) falls through 1.5 for first time and end when V(2) rises through 2.5 for the first time.


          In Tanner Waveform Viewer, you would select Measures... and choose the delay measurement.  Fill in the appropriate fields on the right and select the Measure button to view the measurement value in the Command window.