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How do I translate PCB layout data from Allegro to HyperLynx DRC? Do Allegro and HyperLynx DRC have to be installed on the same machine?

Question asked by cathy_terwedow on Oct 24, 2017

Before loading a BRD file in HyperLynx DRC, you must set one, or possibly two, environment variables related to the Cadence Extracta utility. The following procedure applies to both Windows and Linux installations.


  1. Add the path to the Extracta location to your PATH environment variable.
  2. If you are using anything other than the default location for your Extracta control files, you can optionally specify the path with the HLD_EXTRACTA_CFGDIR environment variable. If you do not set this environment variable to point to the alternate location, Extracta prompts you for the path.

If Cadence Allegro and HyperLynx DRC are installed on the same machine and the above environment variables are set, you can simply point to the *.BRD file to translate the design to HyperLynx DRC.