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Ideas and suggestion to licensing and RSCM

Question asked by milostnik on Oct 26, 2017

Hello Folks,

Mentor has a lot of idea sites for all the tools, but I didn't see any idea sites for Licensing. So please do apologize if this is the wrong place to suggest for an improvement, and please do point me to the right venue to suggest this improvement.


So here it goes.

IF you install a RSCM on a server to serve your user, you can put the RSCM as a service and let it start automatically.

We have found out that the RSCM starts just before the disk are mapped to so it does not see the mapped disk directory where it is supposed to write and read.

Now if I go into the configuration of RSCM, I have tree choices: "Automatic", "Disable" and "Manual".

IF I look at the service properties, I see four startup types "Automatic(Delayed Start)", "Automatic", "Disable" and "Manual".


How do we encourage the Mentor folks to add this option to the RSCM edit possibilities?

Here the difference: