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Influence of cloth on high speed simulation

Question asked by milostnik on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by weston_beal

Hello Folks,


we are in a heated discussion in our group, about simulation and the fabric properties of the material.


A coworker is insisting that the Hyperlynx simulation is bogus because they do not take into account the woven glass fabric style of the material. The tool does not take account of the cloth type nor the direction, thus it can not calculate the right value of the dielectric value according to the direction a signal is traveling on. The resulting change in phase for a diff pair traveling the board on different direction should be different, out of this consideration.


On my side I am of the opinion that the effects are here, but insignificant, as they are are of lower impact. I am unable to quantify this, and show that they are of lower impact, since I have no other simulator as Hyperlynx.


I assume that all simulation have some relation to measurement too :-)


Can somebody help me in this.