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Variant Schematic & BoM output using Partslister Setup, PADs VX.2.1

Question asked by scott.fowler on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by johnduquette

I am trying to implement a variant schematic utilizing the internal Variant Manager.

I want to output the variants with additional parts fields along with part number field that the VM currently reports out.


1.  Is there a way to output the Variants utilizing the Partslister setup parameters.

2.  When utilizing the the VM and Registering a part as a DNP or NON_POPULATE, is the symbol in the variant schematic supposed to update the specified part number attribute field to the "Unplaced Keyword".  It would be my expectation that for an example that the program would change the displayed symbol field of VALUE to "Unplaced Keyword" per the variant manager.  Currently, all I can accomplish is to change the color or cross out the part per the CAE schematic generation parameters setting.

3.  I am utilizing all schematics with NETLIST flow, what should the "Library Query Setup" be?