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Allegro footprint conversion help needed

Question asked by milostnik on Jan 3, 2018

Hello Folks,


Hopefully you are up and running after New Year (as I wish you all the best) as we do, so let's get strait to the question:


We got from a component producer an allegro footprint. (Molex connector: )

Where I am stuck is the translation of this footprint into a cell in Expedition.


In the zip file we have exactly three files. A txt file , a dra file and a psm file.


There are many possible ways to get this translation. All of them require to open an empty design and import the object to be translated.

I see following options:

  1. File - Import - OrCAD:

Here I see that the schematic is not available .dsn, and I have no library .olb.

  1. File - Import - Concept

Also here I have no schematic .cpm, nor do I have any library in .cpm.

  1. File - Import - Symbols

IF I try to import the .dra file or the .psm file or the .txt then designer goes into doing something for a short second or two and it ends with no message.


How do you convert the footprints into cells of Expedition?