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    Fail to run Capital


      Every time I run CapitalLaunch.exe , it show the error information :

          None of the environment variables CHS_2015_1_JAVA_HOME or JAVA_HOME are set.


      well,the problem has changed.

      I set a environment variable :


      and I got another error information:


      I dont konw what to do now.......

      My operation system is WIN10, the Capital version is Capital_2016_1_SP1712_Win64.

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          I checked my environment variables and I have set JAVA_HOME to my JRE, not my JDK like you...



          Also try adding the JDK and JRE entry to the Path Variable.

          I also added the path to the jre and bin folder of my local Capital installation to the Path Variable



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            umm, I check my local Capital installation and can't find a folder named jre...

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              Maybe this is the problem...

              Capital cannot find it's own JRE.

              After you installed Capital there should be a folder "jre" in the installation path.

              Try reinstalling Capital

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                When you install please check the install log file in your Capital directory.

                It is quite long but simply search for the word "Summary" and it will tell you if there were warnings or errors. If yes then search for "Error" and you will quickly find the error(s).


                If you have not removed the previous installation yet (which you need to do or you cannot run the installer) it would be interesting to see if there were any errors reported in that log file.