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How can I call RMB menu/submenu commands with Automation

Question asked by peter_festesen on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by .-.--.--

What I am looking for specifically, is a way to call the 'Set Selection Origin' command, that lies under the Selection menu when you Right-click.

You obviously have to have something selected before you try.


You can see here what I have already tried :


'retBool = Application.GUI.ProcessCommand("Design Status", True) 'WORKS, just to verify the base code

'retBool = Application.GUI.ProcessCommand("Move", True)  'WORKS 

'retBool = Application.GUI.ProcessCommand("Selection List", True)  'WORKS - this is a submenu for 'Selection'

'retBool = Application.GUI.ProcessCommand("Selection->Set Selection Origin", True) 'NO GOOD

'retBool = Application.GUI.ProcessCommand("Set Selection Origin", True) 'No Good 

'why on earth do the two calls above not work ?!?!?

retBool = Application.GUI.ProcessCommand("Fit Selected", True)


Has anyone succeeded in this ?