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    Basic 3D


      Hi all,


      I figured out that I can add basic 3D boxes for components by simply setting the decal Geometry.height attribute. I would like to know if there are any other settings available, such as changing the component colour? Also I noticed that the boxes that are generated are drawn around the pins, so I wondered if there is a way to enlarge it (i.e. to draw around the silkscreen, or something else)?


      Thanks for any help.

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          Also it would be nice to add a "negative height", such as for a through-hole component that is placed into the opposite side of the board. It doesn't work by just adding a negative sign to the Geometry.height attribute unfortunately.

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            Layer 25 is used for 3d extrusion. You need to place a closed shape on this layer. It will be extruded into a 3d body based on Geometry.Height.

            To change the color of a component in 3d view:

            • Open the 3D Display Control in the 3d viewer.
            • Select the component you want then in the Components section click on Add selected. The selected component will be added to the list.
            • On the left side click on the P or colored square and select the color you want.


            A through hole component placed on the opposite side will be rendered on the opposite side. You don't need a negative height.

            Hope that helps!


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              Hi thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help.


              Ok so I'm glad I gave up looking for a way to change the colour... adding the components and double clicking on the "P" on the left just didn't occur to me......   8^/