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    hyperlynx PI



      I am new to hyperlynX PI . During PI simulation the tool ask maximum current density(mA/mill^2) .

      Want to know how to calculate maximum current density(mA/mill^2).


      Please help.

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          Thanks  for your question. I am going to move it to the HyperLynx PI product-specific community where it will receive greater visibility.

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            I have the same question as sivaprakasams, is there a way to calculate the current density in the PI DC Drop simulator?  The default is 10ma/mil2.  I would imagine it is based on the layer copper thickness.  I would like to have a real number to put into this field so I have valid data for the simulation.


            Thank you

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              The maximum allowable current density depends on design parameters and reliability requirements. It's about how much heat can be allowed to be created from current flow. This depends on specific product requirements and can be a bit vague. There are various IPC specification to help give guidelines on maximum current density for certain types of PCB designs and product classes.