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    Mentor Ideas for Mentor Communities


      Background: I started creating contents in Mentor Communities and would like to share enhancement ideas and bugs found on the Mentor Communities engine itself.


      Question: Would it make sense to create a space  Mentor Ideas for Mentor Communities space in the community Member Resources and Feedback to start collecting end user improvement ideas and feed them back to Jive team (now part of AureaWorks) / add them to our backlog for next generation Communities (I am not aware of the roadmap) ?


      To Community_Admin : Just let me know if you think I shall create a Poll on this subject or what is your preferred communication channel for this topic. Thank you !

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          Fabien - thanks for the suggestion. Typically I have just relied on suggestions being populated as discussion threads. However, since we use ideation to crowdsource product enhancements in another area of the Communities (accessible only to customers with a current Support Agreement), it makes sense to use it for overall Communities ideas. Give me a few days to consider the best way to implement. I will provide an update in this thread.


          Re: your comment on a Communities roadmap, a couple of comments:

          1. As you noted, about a year ago AureaWorks acquired Jive Software. Not long after that acquisition, Aurea sold the cloud version of Jive (named Jive x and the version Mentor Communities runs on) to Lithium, another communities solution provider. The final phase of that integration was just recently completed.

          2. In terms of a Community roadmap, there are a number of enhancements we have in mind for the Communities. In addition to the Jive to Aurea to Lithium acquisition above, as you know Siemens acquired Mentor during that general timeframe. As the planning and integration continues to progress with Siemens PLM (the portion of Siemens that acquired Mentor), our Communities roadmap will become more defined.


          Thanks again for your input. I will provide an update on implementing ideas in this space.

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