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Add Property to symbol-definition

Question asked by gw@byk on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by robert_davies

Hello everyone,


I just ran into a problem I cant solve: I'm trying to get familiar with symbol-definition in order to build up "my" own library. For a start I downloaded the oda starter lib, and got my setup working fine. Now I wanted to show additional properties like "Datasheet Link" (I added some links to pdf-documents and got that working too) or "Part List Exclude". As soon as I activate the visibility, the property is shown in the schematics, but the position depends on the order I selected the property (sometimes multiple properties even overlap each other). For a first start this might be OK, but with or "old" library I got somewhat annoyed with moving properties to where I want them to be, so they don't interfere with other symbols or nets or so.


My intention is to add a property (as mentioned "Datasheet Link" or "Part List Exclude", others might follow) to the symbol-definition, define the position where it shall appear, define the text-size and so on; similar to "REFDES", ManufacturerPN, ... Can someone please help me, and give me some pointers on how to accomplish this?


Thank you very much for any help,


kind regards,