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    Virus S/W & Hyperlynx?


      It has been a few months since I have installed an update for PADS, I didn't get any warnings, but have now noticed

      two files in my quarantine using VIPRE Endpoint Security.

      The are;

      crd2hyp.exe    &   dsn2hyp.exe

      I have not used Hyperlynx in a bit but would assume these two files are par of Hyperlynx.

      Has anybody else seen this, maybe Mentor Staff can chime in on this.

      They were quarantined on Dec 12 2017 which I believe I have made at least one update #7 since Dec??

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          You are correct that these 2 executable files are part of HyperLynx. They are layout file translators for CR5000 and Specctra CCT design files. If you don't translate designs from those 2 layout tools, then you do not need to run these programs.


          As for your anti-virus program quarantining the files, this happens once in a while to various utility programs with most EDA tools. The virus signatures that the anti-virus tools update periodically are not perfect. Somebody who needs the quarantined files needs to work with the anti-virus vendor to work out the correct details of the virus signature data.




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            OK great thanks yes we most likely, a least in near future, not need to run those.