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    VeSys 2.0 Pricing



      Will there be any changes in the pricing of the new VeSys 2.0 release compared to its pervious release 2008.2? I am going to demonstrate the tool to a customer next week and they are obviously going to ask for the pricing details.

      Can anyone please suggest me on this?

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          Pricing for VeSys 2.0 is unchanged from VeSys 2008.2 (Classic), overall this should be seen as a saving for the customer compared with the Classic edition of VeSys as the customer no longer needs to acquire AutoCAD.


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              A customer with VeSys can upgrade to VeSys 2.0 for no charge if he is current on support?  Correct?

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                That is correct, you can simply download the VeSys 2009.0a release and install. You can have both products installed on the same machine. It should be noted that as they both use the same license if you only had one license you could only run VeSys Classic OR VeSys 2.0 (not both concurrently). If you had a couple of licenses, you could even run them side by side.

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                  I am fairly sure if you have a 'Node Locked' (sometimes referred to as Mobile Compute) or 'Dongle' license you can run both VeSys' concurrently, this is because a Node Locked license will allow you to run an infinite number of instances on that machine.


                  Floating Licenses are differently as they hand out licenses and so runnning VeSys Classic and VeSys 2.0 simultaneously will consume 2 licenses.

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                    I've just double checked and you can run VeSys Classic and VeSys 2.0 in parallel if you have a Node Locked license (well it worked on my machine), it will possibly work for Dongle Licenses too.