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Creating a netlist

Question asked by hkam619 on Mar 13, 2018
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Hello everyone...


Let me start off with saying I never used PADS before.  In fact the last time I even drew circuit diagrams was using PSPICE back in the mid 90s during college. I just got a new job and they are asking me to reverse engineer circuit cards.  What I did was create a node list on excel with all the components from the circuit card.  From there, I was hoping to somehow create the netlist on PADS from the node list I made and have it spit out a schematic.  Is this even possible? I tried searching all over for any documents and I have had no luck.  I reached out to Mentor Graphics and they guided me to using the Job Wizard, but I have no clue what type of Netlist I should create (Keyin, CAE Netlist, Design Capture, DX Designer, T-1, Remote Development and DX Designer Netlist are the options).  Thank you dearly in advance.