RF design, PADS Layout and Keysight ADS

Discussion created by hitec100 on Mar 19, 2018

From researching the Mentor site, I understand that Xpedition supports a dynamic link for Keysight ADS from this datasheet: http://s3.mentor.com/public_documents/datasheet/pcb/rf-ds.pdf


And also that there is a class Mentor offers for how to perform RF design in Xpedition, interacting with Keysight ADS: RF Design in Xpedition - Mentor Graphics


But I haven't found how best to perform RF design in PADS Layout using Keysight ADS, or a recommended flow to use. Our team does this, and we have found it so far to be a cumbersome process. The method we use is to export PADS Layout designs to an ODB++ file and then import that ODB++ file into a new workspace in Keysight ADS. We then have to manually set up the workspace: the stack-up and all the component models. Even for a small board this can take 2-3 hours. Then we are ready to simulate.


Changes to layout, whether they are placement changes, size changes, or even attribute value changes, usually require us to export ODB++ file from PADS Layout again and go through the entire import-ODB++/setup-workspace process.


Has anybody here used PADS Layout in conjunction with Keysight ADS? What has been your solution for iterating changes between the tools? Is it different from ours? Or has the solution always been to upgrade to Xpedition when working with Keysight ADS?