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Does PADs Pro VX.1.2 Update 13 supports IPC-D-356 file generation?

Question asked by pares on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by phiet

I saw that somebody already asked the question on:

But, the answer was only the following:

"We now support this with Pads Pro via the Export->General Interfaces command as of VX.2.4."


When I refer to "Manufacturing Inputs and Outputs Guide Software Version PADS-Pro VX.1.2", the IPC-D-356 is mentioned at page 7 only. When I look at page 9 for the "Table 1-2. Product/Interface Availability and License Matrix", it seems that PADs Pro have all the licenses. The IPC-D-356 is not mentioned in this table, but I wonder if it is really the case. It is not clear to me that this feature is not supported. If it is supported, please tell me, in detail, how to generate IPC-D-356 file with my current PADs Pro installation? Thank you!