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Change the Line Width for a graphical objet made with AddLine2

Question asked by julienc on Apr 17, 2018
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on  Xpedition Enterprise X-ENTP VX.2 , XdX designer , i made a VBS script , which , among other things, draws some Red Cross on non mounted components.

I was able to do so , using the following script, but i am unable to change the line Width. Do you please know or provide an example in order to do so? I would be grateful if somebody knows the answer. Here the extract of the script to draw the Red Line :



Set iLine = ActiveView.Block.AddLine2(X_LowerLeft,Y_LowerLeft,X_UpperRight,Y_UpperRight)
Set iColor = iLine.GetObjectColor
    iColor.b = 0
     iColor.g = 0
     iColor.r = 255
     iLine.LineStyle = VDLINE_SOLID
     iLine.FillStyle = VDFILL_SOLID


Thanks for your help.