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Problem with creating multiple gates for parts

Question asked by winterfall1982 on Apr 24, 2018
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     software version pads vx 2.3 , integrated flow ,.

     I met a difficulty when i try to create a part for dual opamp in an SOIC-8 package.

     I prefer to use  the symbol as below, i like every pin, signal pins and power pins, displayed on the symbol. I know the alternative way is to use SIGNAL property, i try to avoid that.

8 Pin opamp.jpg

When i create part for this symbol, the problem comes up. since there are two gates, each symbol contains 5 pins, which makes total pin number equal 10, but the decal only has 8 pins, part editor doesn't allow me to save this part, apparently this is wrong to it.  I comes from Expedition, it seems like expedition doesn't have a problem like this.

Can anybody share any ideas on how to solve this problem.

thanks in advance