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    Importing wire data from custom file



      I'd appreciate some advice on several problems I am experiencing with VeSys:


      1. I am trying to import wire data from a file using the "custom import" feature but VeSys just imports the wires and says none were allocated.  The feature operated correctly earlier today in in the drawing I am working on but has since failed.  File types are .txt and .csv.


      2. I tried to create a cutting list from a large harness drawing (about 9 harnesses and circa 1000 wires but harness engineer kept crashing - is there a maximum wire count that engineer can handle?


      I'd appreciate any suggestions to solve these problems.


      Have a good one!


      Matt Roberts

      Dennis Eagle Ltd.

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          Because VeSys has some built in import formats that are text file based it is occasionally possible to fool VeSys into thinking your text file is one of its known formats, I'm not sure if this is what is causing your import problems although it certainly shouldn't work in the morning and then fail in the afternoon unless someone has inadvertantly changed the import format.

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            Hi Matt,


            I don't believe there is a maximum wire count for Harness Reports/Engineer, I have seen it work reliably and quickly on harnesses that have in excess of 2000 wires.  Do the reports crash on any other drawing?  If not then the problem is likely drawing related.

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              Good morning,

              thank you for the suggestions, I will investigate further later today when I have solved the latest problem...


              "Do the reports crash on any other drawing? "

              No, I will have to fiddle with the "whole chassis harness" layout to see why - it has another fault where wires in the "cab main harness" dsi file won't import into the cab main harness featured in the "whole chassis layout" whilst other harnesses in the same layout work perfectly.


              I have two harnesses, one of which is a variant of the other.  I have populated some additional connectors in "harness A" which are presently empty in "harness B" so:

              1. I export a dsi file from harness A

              2. I import wires to harness B INTO EMPTY CAVITIES ONLY from harness A.dsi

              3. I am suprised to see that not only have the empty cavities been populated but the full ones have too!


              The only difference between the drawings is that harness A has numerical wire ID whilst harness B has a prefix "A-" to the wire ID.


              Any bright ideas?



              Wire colour delimiters

              Another, unrelated problem - will VeSys support having and not having a delimiter for wire colours?  e.g. BK and B/K


              I ask because I stripped all the "/" delimiters out of my harnesses to reduce the connector wire table sizes and now we are using them again...


              happy virtual wiring!


              Matt Roberts

              Dennis Eagle Ltd.

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                Hi Matt,


                If I were using a Variant Harness I would:


                1. Export the data from the harness with everything

                2. Import the wires into the Harness that has the connectors omited from the drawing (that way the wires won't import)


                If there are wires that you needed omitting from the smaller harness that don't go to the connectors you have deleted then I'd probably look at writing a simple program/macro to remove the Optioned wires from the DSI prior to re-import.

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                  VeSys does expect you to either use delimiters or not so it could be a bit of a problem.


                  Again the best way to resolve this would be with a simple macro/program to parse the DSI file and either add or remove the delimiters.


                  Probably the best thing to do if you really do want to mix/match the delimiters/no delimiters is test it.