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Migrating a project from VX 1.1 to VX 2.1

Question asked by joniengr081 on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by phiet


I have a finished PCB Layout in PCB Xpedition VX 1.1 from last year. I have installed VX2.1 recently and made some more PCB layouts in VX2.1. I discover that I need some changes in the PCB design from last year. Unfortunately I have no record of previous central library of VX 1.1 but I guess the parts are still in the local library, is that right ?. If yes than how to add them in new central library of VX 2.1.


In order to add more parts in the schematic I have added new central library in the old project but I have problem in forward annotation because the local components are not in the new central library. I chose the option to preserve the local parts and add the new ones according to schematic in DxDesigner but still I have problem. Is there any user guide for project migration ?  Basically I am wondering where and in which folder of previous project I can find parts of previous projects that can be imported in new central library ?