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Questa Sim Default Editor

Question asked by jo-jo on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by lane_scheideman

I am trying to set Notepad++ as my default editor in Quest Sim-64 10.7a, so when I double-click on a file in my project, it opens in Notepad++. I executed the following command in the Questa Sim terminal:


set editor "[Path to Notepad++]"


The feature seems to work randomly. Usually, when I double-click a file it opens in the default editor. Then in the editor I can go to File-->Open in external editor, and it opens in notepad++. Sometimes, it opens in notepad++ by double-clicking. It wasn't working yesterday. Then it just suddenly started working. Then this morning it broke, then started working again until I added a new file, and it reverted back to using the default editor.


How do I tell Questa Sim to use Notepad++ when I double-click on a file?


edit: I think I figured out one way to get it to work. I just opened a .sv file in Windows explorer (I made Windows associate .sv files with Notepad++). That seems to have fixed Questa Sim. If I add an existing file to Questa Sim, it reverts back to using the default editor. If I open a .sv file in Windows explorer again, Questa Sim picks up the association and starts working as expected.


In short: Unless I am missing something, this feature in Questa Sim is NOT functioning properly.