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stacked vias

Question asked by pcb3 on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by MENTOR_BillT

I have been told that pads does not support stacked vias and that you can get false errors or have problems.  however, I was just told by support that essentially pads is useless when using stacked vias because you cannot trust the connection or clearance checks.  That even though it says all connections are made, PADS will not guarantee that this is correct, but even though your design passes it may still have no connects and if it does, pads doesn't care, because they are not working to solve the problem at this time.  CAN THIS BE TRUE?!!!!!!!  This makes pads useless for most of the designs we do at Advanced Designs Inc!!  Unless I hear otherwise, I'm assuming my pads software can never be used with a stacked via design, and that's about half of my designs, nowadays.  how about you?  Am I the the only one that finds this totally unacceptable?  The support person told me that there is no way to check or verify a design is completely connected.  She even said that if the IPC netlist passes, there could still be unknown disconnects.  Is this possible?!