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Recover after renumbering and no eco?

Question asked by tmiddleton on May 25, 2018

I would like to know if there is a way to recover from renumbering in PADs (9.5). What happened is that the layout was updated and an eco file wasn't generated, there is a .asc file, etc. but the .eco file does not show the changes. We do not work using concurrent design (though maybe we should look into it) and do pushes through our revision control system so our flow is typically push from schematic (to asc file) to the pcb and typically not the other direction. I have been working on doing board side renumbering to help with part locating during integration and debug, etc.

However, this time I believe the process was not correctly followed such that with the renumbering an eco file was generated. I can see about getting layout to go back through the process but I am concerned it may not be that easy or we have lost the information already. I had to manually make one eco before but it was a small board with easily mapped components. I would also like to document recovery methods in my documentation. Is there a way to regenerate this mapping to back annotate? Something like taking the asc file from the schematic and from the pcb and outputting the changes? End goal being to update the schematic's reference designators with the current layout refdes.