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"Get license failed" witth microtec MCCCF compiler on windows 32 bits

Question asked by cgreco on Jul 5, 2018

Hello Mentor community,


I have an issue with my old C compiler microtec mcccf (v5.3S) for ColdFire. I use an USB dongle (sentinel) with regular license that perfectly works on windows 7 32 bits. When I install the compiler on Windows 7 or 10 64 bits, the compiler tells me "Get license failed".


The USB dongle drivers are up to date (sentinel v7.80) and the USB dongle is recognised by FlexNet lmtools.


I tried to update "mgls.dll" file with "Mentor_License_Utility" v3.3.5.0 but this file does not exist in microtec compiler version 5.3S. Flexnet documentation for version 5.3S tells that mcccf use DLL "mteclm.dll".


I tried to use version 5.5G and I updated "mgls.dll" file but it still does not work.


I also tried on Windows 10 32 bits and it neither work. Strangly, it does work on a Windows 10 32 bits virtual machine that runs under windows 7 or 10 64 bits.


Did someone succeed in using microtec compiler on Windows 7 or 10 64 bits ?


Thanks very much for you help.


Carlo Greco