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How to distinguish between soldermask vias and reduced soldermask vias

Question asked by on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Patrick.Cashman

I know that soldermask vias and reduced soldermask vias has FabricationPads Property.


Set viaPadstacksColls=pcbDoc.PadstackObjects(epcbPadstackObjectVia,epcbSelectAll)

For Each viaPadstack In viaPadstacksColls

     Set fabPadsColl = viaPadstack.FabricationPads

     If fabPadsColl.count > 0 Then

          exposed_via_count = exposed_via_count + 1

     End if





Here (exposed_via_count =  addtion of soldermask and reduced soldermask vias). But i want to differentiate between those 2 vias (soldermask and reduced soldermask vias).


Is there any property/function  which can differentiate between two?