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dxpdf is not generating working hyperlinks to documents

Question asked by gw@byk on Jul 17, 2018
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we are just migrating from PADS / DxDesigner 9.5 to VX2.3. At a first glance, everything works fine (Libs are OK, editing schematics is fine; updating my projects from 9.5 to VX, ...)  and so I started testing other functionalities.  Now I wanted to export my schematics to a pdf, which in general works fine too. My pdf is generated, but when I specify one or more "URL-valued Properties" the result is not as I'm used to from 9.5: the box around the property appears, just like in 9.5. When I hover above the box, I see the address specified in the properties value. But when I select the Link, nothing happens; OK, the box gets black as long as I hover above it and click my right mouse button.


I can follow the link from within DxDesigner, but from my pdf reader the link is not accessible. Has anyone encountered the same problem and knows how to fit it?


Any hint is appreciated, so I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Kind regards, Georg