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Hyperlynx VX.2.3 AC couple caps 3D model extraction

Question asked by tim_baestaens on Jul 30, 2018
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I have found some similar topics, but none give me the answer I'm looking for, nor any of the help files...

Well, I want to simulate a SERDES link, routed completely on TOP, but with AC couple caps.

The AC couple caps are broadband caps 530L104KT16 caps for which I have a touchstone model.


So for simulation, I want to extract a local 3D area as follows:

The model gets created alright, but I cannot view it as I don't have the required licenses.


When I translate my whole net to FFS, and after manually adjusting input/output driver models and packag models I get this:



And more specifically, this on the 3D model part:

So he created the 2 AC couple caps (100nF) alright, but instead of having 4 ports for these, they are each connected to 1 port (port 5 & 6) and then connected to GND.

If I simulate this, I'm getting good results (I guess?), but I can't get my head around the grounding of 1 side to the AC couple caps.


Can somebody explain this behavior?